10th November

dscf1216Dungeness trip

this week, I went to Dungeness on Monday. It was a unique place to visit as it is very quiet and not many people had visited it when we did. I had to get to the college earlier then normal as we had to leave at 8am, as it took over two hours to get there. When we did get there, we had most of the beach to roam, which could be the reason why I never really saw anyone else. Which was fine as I could take picture without worrying that someone is in it. The one thing I didn’t think about before going was how windy it would have been. I expected some rain, which I thought wouldn’t really be a problem, but with the rain it did. Most of the photos I had taken were very blurry due the wind, and standing to try to take a photo with the wind was harder then I thought. The photo on the left was supposed to be a depth of field photo, but due to the wind blowing harshly, the photo became blurry and out of focus. The photo on the right, although is in focus and had detail in, it is ruined by the water droplets that were on the lens as it was raining. This could have been prevented if I had a lens hood to shield the lens from the rain, but I didn’t have one with me at the time so I had to use my hand to protect the lens or face away from the direction of the rain. Or wiping the rain off. With the wind, I waited until it had died down to a reasonable level to take a photo.



I didn’t want people in my photos because I wadscf1245ned to show the stillness and quite the place had. With the old boats on the beach, it looked like it had been abandoned for a time before people were using it again. The photo on the
right shows two boats that were left on the beach as they couldn’t be used anymore due to their age. Showing that people did used them, but with some of the boats that are newer, people do still live in them, which made it a little hard to take photos as some people might not want photos of their boats taken.



With this photo, I wanted to capture the dscf1301
rays of light coming through the clouds. I did this by lowering the aperture so that the camera could pick the up, meaning that it would be underexposed. But if the camera was correctly exposed, the rays of light wouldn’t shown up in the photo along with the shapes of the clouds in the sky. Again, with this photo, you can see some of the water droplets on the lens and the glare of them in the lower left corner that was left after I wiped the lens. I did the same with dscf1307
the rainbow I taken a photo of. I again lowered the aperture as it wouldn’t be picked up. I wanted to show the detail and colour of the rainbow. Also by lowering the aperture, it also captures the quietness of the place, showing that it being dark, it is mostly left and the rainbow and the rays of light bring vibrance to it. Also by lowering the aperture, it also shows the rainy weather at the time.



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