7th December

update-3D image

this is an update to my final 3D image. so far, I ran into a few problems. Yesterday, I wanted to take a few photos to use for my image. Unfortunately, the weather turned out to be very foggy and misty, meaning that I couldn’t use images or take images on that day because the fog would ruin the 3D sculpture as I wanted a clear day. so instead, I used photos that I had already taken beforehand. because of this, I ended up being a little behind on working on the image. meaning that I haven’t finished putting together the sculpture to photograph. So today, I am planning to finish today and shoot photos to edit together for my final image. tomorrow, I will finish editing my image.


5th december

3D image

I had decided to use a 3D image for my final image for this project. to do this, I had planned out what I need to do throughout the week. the image shScreen Shot 2016-12-05 at 2.00.23 PM.pngown to the time schedule I have planned out in order to do this. my plan for the 3D image is to
make a layered photo and taking a photo of it. the image I am planning to use is rows of trees on either side of the image, creating a walkthrough in the middle. by doing this, I can carefully cut out the leaves, making sure that the image stays together. I plan to make a few copies of the image to layer it.

to layer it, I began thinking of putting the image onto some cardboard and sticking it upright onto more cardboard that will act as the base. by doing this, each layer will be spaced out evenly. as shown with the rough sketch on the right.Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 2.09.30 PM.png

I got this idea when I wanted to do something with layers as I wanted to do something that was like Jen Stark. My first idea was to use a picnic table and layer that to have perspective, i.e. the table being higher from the ground then the seat. but due to time and location, I may not have enough time to complete this, so I explored the idea further. I began further research on layered images other then photography and found these types of books that have depth in them, i.e. parts of the pages cut out to show the detail of the pages underneath them. this gave me the idea for my final image.

as well as using 3D imagery, I am also using perspective in the image as well. I am doing this by using someone for my photo and edit the, into my sculpture though Photoshop.

an example of jen starks work. I took the base of laUnknown.jpegyering the image from this. unfortunately, with the books with depth, I don’t know what they are called so I don’t have an image to compare it with.


1st December

Planning with digital journal

today will be more about planning in my digital journal. From my feedback from the last project, I need to have more detail in my evaluations. Meaning that I need to be more critical when evaluating my own work as I do so on a basic level. I need to evaluate on why and how things either went well or did not and how it can be fixed. I also need to develop my critical thinking with in my digital journal or blog. this also means that my annotations have to be more critical as well, as I said before say if something went wrong, why it went wrong and how to correct it.

I also need to link research I have found in the outcomes I have. from my feedback, I realized that it did not seam like I was using it. so for this project, I will make sure that I link the research. Also with the research, I need to explore other research methods to include in my digital journal. which could be from books, journals or film itself and how it fits in with the current project. I also need to do more deeper research and what the reasons the photographers or the movements have to their work. to do this, I need to create mind maps, sketches and lists and then analyse the research I have found. to formulate more research, I need to look at other methods other then the internet, such as magazines and tv, which uses photography and how they use it.


Edge/Rim lighting

this week in the studio, we learned how to create edge lighting photos. these photos are done for dramatic effect, which is used for promo photography for superhero films. this is done because the lights outline the figure and brings out their mass, or muscle. the two lights face the subject from behind, usually the lights hits the shoulders in order for the light to highlight the subjects sides. there is also a third light that illuminates the subject that is placed in front of them. this light is usually dimmer then the two edge lights to keep the dramatic effect. with my photos, I noticed that with the camera I was using, it was on a low f-stop. meaning that the photo turned out darker then what was needed. By turning up the f-stop, the photo was brighter and looks more dramatic. what I found was that I had trouble focusing the camera as some of the photos turned out a little blurry.


3D effects on photos 

3D imagery is used to make the image stand out. this is normally done in films to make the audience feel like they are part of the action. but with films, the 3D effect may not work with some. for example,the effect may not work with cgi if the film is a semi live action film. so that means that for the effect to work, the image/film needs to be the same throughout.