9th January

new project this term. this time the photography will be narrative. on Thursday, we had to pair up and plan a series of images that depict a narrative. me and Kim planned out that at the beginning image will be black and white with only one person in the image. this was to show that the subject was sad and lonely. the next two show another person entering the frame, with this one on colour to depict happiness, holding a balloon. the balloon deflates over the sad person, slowly giving back their colour and to the background. this was done with photoshop, to brighten each image more then the previous one and to mask the images to create the stand alone colour subject that is holding the balloon. DSCF1518.JPGthe photo shown is the plan me and Kim made to work out what we wanted to do. in it, we originally wanted the two subjects to be seated and to use one of the picnic tables outside, but we decided no to as we were not sure if the doors were locked. also as well if the camera would pick the subjects up well due to the width of the table. so instead we shot it in the hallway, with the subjects standing instead of sitting.

Front and rear curtain flash

today, we learned about front and rear curtain flash. which is for front curtain flash the flash fires at the start of the exposure and for rear curtain flash, it fires at the end of the exposure. they can also be called 1st and 2nd curtain sync. this creates a blur going outwards of the subject as they are moving. the blur moves behind them if it is a front curtain flash and the subject moves into the blur if it is a rear curtain flash. the pictures shown are what both front and rear curtain flashes look like once the photo had been taken. the rear flash curtain looks more natural as the blur effect is behind the character then when it is in front of them, making it look like the character is running at a fast speed.flash-sync-rear.jpgflash-sync-front.jpg




the photo on the right¬†shows my attempt atScreen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.35.25 AM.png creating the rear curtain flash technique. I think with this, I need a bit more practice on and to clearly tell the subject to move more as the movement they did wasn’t really enough to create the blur trail left behind.