23rd febuary

starting FMP

this week, we are staring our Final Major Project. From the brief, I had to choose three out of six options to use for the project. I had picked ‘The others’, ‘Boundaries’ and ‘man vs nature as I feel they are more interesting to do.
With ‘man vs nature’, I could do something that is related to early man and how much humans have evolved to  a point where they might be unable to live in the wild due to the comfort of houses and warmth. with this, I am thinking of using a forest or woods to show the nature part and someone who is possibly camping there. this might be a little tricky to do as I would need to find a wood that is dense enough as well as isolated so that there are no buildings or vehicles nearby that could end in the image by accident. I also need another person to shoot, which could be difficult as they might not be available at the time or the people I want might not want to be photographed.
My second option, ‘Boundaries’ I’m not quite sure yet on what exactly I want to do for this.  I have researched on this, and found that it could mean something that you can’t cross or personal boundaries that are crossed into being uncomfortably close. I think I need more research to work out what I want to do for this. but again, I might need help of others, who might not be willing to do.
My third option, ‘The Other’, I could do something that is a little fantasy or out of this world. this is because, when I had done some reasearch on this, I had found that there is a term called ‘Othering’ which describes the pratice of excluding a person who doesn’t fit the norm in social groups. I could do something that is along the lines of the term, where a group of people are excluding someone because they don’t fit in.


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