16th March

shooting in the studio

this week, I have been shooting for What’s the Story. I continued with stop motion to see if I could improve with it. This time I didn’t use the figure I used last time as that was too stiff in the joints and the motion didn’t look as realistic as I wanted it. I instead used two of my own lego figurines as they had movable joints which could be removed and put back. also with the figurines I used, I could position them how I
wanted them as they weren’t fixed on a stand. Because of this, I had a lot of freedom to what IDSCF2110.JPG wanted to do.

with this, I made a test with the figurines to make them look like they were fighting each other, with one of them falling off the platform. with the lighting, I had a spot light aimed at the figures at first. but Unfortunately, with the position of it, only one of them were lit up resulting in the other being in the shadows. because of this, I used another light to illuminate the other side for both the figures to be seen in the photo
At this time, I haven’t made the photos into a short film yet. but when I was reviewing them, I noticed that some of the images may not line up with the previous image before them resulting in the motion looking a little jerky. but I won’t know for sure until I have made it. this might be because of some of the problems I had encounted while doing this. I had used blu-tack on the feet to keep the in place, but unfortunately, when I positioned the figures in a certain way they kept on falling down. this might be because the blu-tack couldn’t hold the weight because I used a little or might be bDSCF2141ecause it went into the holes on the underside of the foot. I tried to stablaise it by putting more blu-tack on the side of the foot away from the camera, but that didn’t work. So I in
stead positioned one of the figures so that they could stand without assistance. with the other, I had to hold it as I wanted it to look like it was falling off the platform but that was fine as most of it was out of the frame anyway.






9 March

shooting in the studio

this week, I decided to shoot some photos in the studio for What’s the Story. This is because I had lost the images I shot last week becauDSCF2047.JPGse my card malfunctioned. This also means that I had to make the gif again, because I didn’t
save it properly. This time, I positioned the figure with blu tack so that I wouldn’t accidentally move it and potentially ruin the movement of the limbs. I made sure that the limbs
are moved a little bit for it to look fluid in the gif and so it actually looks like it is walking instead of wildly making vague gestures.DSCF2055.JPG
I had also positioned the figure to look like it is slipping on a peace of blu tack for a still image. What I had found out when I positioned the figure, the shadow it cast looked like another person who looked like it was reaching out  towards the figure to help them. However, once I had taken the image, it did not translate well from what I could see to the camera. making the shadow look large and blurry,
due to where the light was situated.
What I had found out was to make DSCF2064.JPGthe shadow look clearer and shaper, I needed to move the light away from the figure in order to have a clear image of the shadow to capture what I could see with my eyes.

Also with the shadow, depending on where I had positioned the camera I could make the shadow look like it was a mirror image of the figure. Meaning that the shadow and the figure looked like they are facing opposite ways. with this image, with the figure looking as if they are going to fall backwards, the shadow instead looks like it is going to be jumping off the platform I had put the figure onto.


more research and planning

for my FMP, I have continued with research and linking how media affects the theme i’ve chosen. As well as finding photographers and artists that link with the theme. this week I began planning how I want to shoot photos. I had done some tests shoots but unfortunately since my camera malfunctioned, I lost the images so I would need to shoot them again throughout next week.

2nd March

what I want to do for FMP

from last week, I have worked out what I wanted to do for my FMP. This week, I have decided to do the theme “The Other”. I have done more research on the themes I have chosen, also “Boundaries” and “Man vs Nature”. From these two, I don’t feel comfortable in them due to the research I have done on them. I feel that with “Man vs Nature”, there isn’t much variation on how I can interpret it. For example, I could interpret it as literally man vs nature, where man battles nature while trying to survive. Or how nature takes over man made structures because they were abandoned. With “Boundaries”, it could be either literal, or metaphorical. With “the other”, I feel that I take different things and use them for this theme.

shooting in the studio

In the studio, I had worked on a shoot for What’s the Story. DSCF1928.JPGFor this, I wanted to test shoot a gif. I had used a small model figure and posed it differently for each shot, but making sure that the poses continue from the last. I wanted to test how well
I can make a gif that is stop motion with a figure as I want to use one for my final image. I have yet to put them into a gif at this time, but I have gone over the images on my camera and have gathered that the motion may be a little jerky. this is because of the model figure I had used was a little stiff around the joints, so I couldn’t place them in a position I wanted because of that. I wanted to make the figure look like it is walking, but due to the stiffness in the joints, this might not portray that and instead look like it is dancing strangely.

I had also shot tests for my FMP. For this, I first
DSCF1980.JPGtook shots of Kim by herself with a black background to portray
the loneness that is caused by taking others out of a group by force. but this didn’t show it with just one person in the image. I had also found that with a black background, the face in which is illuminated by the light, becomes overexposed and creating a ghostly effect. I then moved the lights so that the
y were shining light above Kim, and asked her to put her hood up, so that her face wouldn’t be as overexposed. DSCF1992.JPGthis had worked better, but I felt that it still needed something else.
So I then decided to used other people to create the effect I wanted for the theme “the other”. With Kim still facing towards the camera, I had the other four behind her, facing away from the camera and towards the black background. With this, I feel that it makes more of an impact then the other two images, as it clearly show that the center peDSCF2004.JPGrson,
who is illuminated and is kneeling, is being forced out of a social group, while the group, represented by the four people behind is carrying on with life. they are slightly illuminated to show they are there, as earlier test shoots had shown that they did not show up in the image if both lights are focused on the kneeling person.


With my FMP test shot, I had turned it black and white and printed it off to see if I could create a negative image in the darkroom using the light sensitive paper. However, I realized I had done an error as I forgot to invert the colour of the image on lightroom. I didn’t realize this until I had already printed the image and already began to develop the image on the paper.  However, this didn’t turned out so bad only looking a little fuzzy. but one of the background people blend into the background, making them hard to see. As well as some the detail being lost  Next time when I do this, I will make sure to invert the image and to ajust the light exposure so that the image won’t be as fuzzy and making sure that most of the detail is captured.