9 March

shooting in the studio

this week, I decided to shoot some photos in the studio for What’s the Story. This is because I had lost the images I shot last week becauDSCF2047.JPGse my card malfunctioned. This also means that I had to make the gif again, because I didn’t
save it properly. This time, I positioned the figure with blu tack so that I wouldn’t accidentally move it and potentially ruin the movement of the limbs. I made sure that the limbs
are moved a little bit for it to look fluid in the gif and so it actually looks like it is walking instead of wildly making vague gestures.DSCF2055.JPG
I had also positioned the figure to look like it is slipping on a peace of blu tack for a still image. What I had found out when I positioned the figure, the shadow it cast looked like another person who looked like it was reaching out  towards the figure to help them. However, once I had taken the image, it did not translate well from what I could see to the camera. making the shadow look large and blurry,
due to where the light was situated.
What I had found out was to make DSCF2064.JPGthe shadow look clearer and shaper, I needed to move the light away from the figure in order to have a clear image of the shadow to capture what I could see with my eyes.

Also with the shadow, depending on where I had positioned the camera I could make the shadow look like it was a mirror image of the figure. Meaning that the shadow and the figure looked like they are facing opposite ways. with this image, with the figure looking as if they are going to fall backwards, the shadow instead looks like it is going to be jumping off the platform I had put the figure onto.


more research and planning

for my FMP, I have continued with research and linking how media affects the theme i’ve chosen. As well as finding photographers and artists that link with the theme. this week I began planning how I want to shoot photos. I had done some tests shoots but unfortunately since my camera malfunctioned, I lost the images so I would need to shoot them again throughout next week.


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