16th March

shooting in the studio

this week, I have been shooting for What’s the Story. I continued with stop motion to see if I could improve with it. This time I didn’t use the figure I used last time as that was too stiff in the joints and the motion didn’t look as realistic as I wanted it. I instead used two of my own lego figurines as they had movable joints which could be removed and put back. also with the figurines I used, I could position them how I
wanted them as they weren’t fixed on a stand. Because of this, I had a lot of freedom to what IDSCF2110.JPG wanted to do.

with this, I made a test with the figurines to make them look like they were fighting each other, with one of them falling off the platform. with the lighting, I had a spot light aimed at the figures at first. but Unfortunately, with the position of it, only one of them were lit up resulting in the other being in the shadows. because of this, I used another light to illuminate the other side for both the figures to be seen in the photo
At this time, I haven’t made the photos into a short film yet. but when I was reviewing them, I noticed that some of the images may not line up with the previous image before them resulting in the motion looking a little jerky. but I won’t know for sure until I have made it. this might be because of some of the problems I had encounted while doing this. I had used blu-tack on the feet to keep the in place, but unfortunately, when I positioned the figures in a certain way they kept on falling down. this might be because the blu-tack couldn’t hold the weight because I used a little or might be bDSCF2141ecause it went into the holes on the underside of the foot. I tried to stablaise it by putting more blu-tack on the side of the foot away from the camera, but that didn’t work. So I in
stead positioned one of the figures so that they could stand without assistance. with the other, I had to hold it as I wanted it to look like it was falling off the platform but that was fine as most of it was out of the frame anyway.






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