27th April

Location Planning

I have planned some locations to shoot for my images. I decided to do this because I feel that shooting in the studio might not be ideal to do mainly because a blank background would not fit with the theme I am doing. For this, I have wrote up pros and cons of using the locations I could be using,which would be in a field, a wood/forest or indoors. But I am focusing more towards using fields and woods mainly because I plan to shoot the subjects that have different views on each other as they are different because of the term
othering. For this, I am showing a physical representation of someone who is an outcast, they would have animal ears to show they are different. which relates to one of the research points I had done. With this,Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.37.46 AM.png I would be using a pair of wolf ears I had made pior to this. the image on the right shows some of the locations I am planning to use with the pros and cons listed

Idea Planning

I had also planned more ideas to use for the locations as well as planning for the final images. For these, I had said what I need to do a well as list the things that could go wrong during the shoot, which I feel for some of the shoots that is likely to happen. Because of this, I have said how i could minimize these risks and how to overcome them if they did happen.

What I plan to do for next week

Over the weekend, I have planned to shoot on these locations with the props I have. I have also planned to do some more test shots at home. With these, I would be able to edit them with photoshop to how I want them to look like. For some of the images I would be shooting, for example I want to shoot an image that is looking over the outcasts shoulder directly towards the person who has seen them. For this, I want the outcast to be blurred to show that the focus of attention would be towards the reaction and not the person who caused the reaction. I plan to do this so that the headband that the ears are attached to would not be visible as much and to make the ears look as if they are real.

I am also planning to shoot for recreations to some of the artists I had researched as well as other research that is related to the theme. this is to see if I could be able to use some of the techniques I have learned well to use in my final images.


20 April

this week, I have been planning what I need to do for this project. for this, I have decided what I needed to test shoot and where to shoot. for the ideas I have come up with, I had decided to have two dimensions collide with each other, which could be through a mirror. this was inspired by the TV series Grim, where a monster from the nether world is trying to enter this world through a mirror. for this idea, I could take a picture of clear water that has ripples in it from an object I will drop into it, by doing this, I could mask the ripples over the mirror and bring through the world it reveals. but this might take some time as I would need the studio in order to capture the ripples on the water clearly. as well as finding someone and mirror to take a photo of. which I might not be able to finish in time.

I had also planned out what recreations I would do. one of which I am recreating Erik Johanson’s image of a man pulling the road behind him. for this I had chosen to do something similar, but instead of pulling a road, I would have someone look like they are pulling grass over a pavement or a patio. which I would need to take a photo of the location itself first before including the person and the object needed, that might be some fabric or a large blanket so I could place the grass onto it. I will do a test shot of this first to see if I can be able to do this.