20 April

this week, I have been planning what I need to do for this project. for this, I have decided what I needed to test shoot and where to shoot. for the ideas I have come up with, I had decided to have two dimensions collide with each other, which could be through a mirror. this was inspired by the TV series Grim, where a monster from the nether world is trying to enter this world through a mirror. for this idea, I could take a picture of clear water that has ripples in it from an object I will drop into it, by doing this, I could mask the ripples over the mirror and bring through the world it reveals. but this might take some time as I would need the studio in order to capture the ripples on the water clearly. as well as finding someone and mirror to take a photo of. which I might not be able to finish in time.

I had also planned out what recreations I would do. one of which I am recreating Erik Johanson’s image of a man pulling the road behind him. for this I had chosen to do something similar, but instead of pulling a road, I would have someone look like they are pulling grass over a pavement or a patio. which I would need to take a photo of the location itself first before including the person and the object needed, that might be some fabric or a large blanket so I could place the grass onto it. I will do a test shot of this first to see if I can be able to do this.


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