4th may

this week, I was able to shoot for my images in the weekend. For the images, I needed two models other then myself, so I managed to organize a day to meet up on the weekend to do so. overall I think it went well, I managed toget the images I needed for the outside shots, where it was in a playground on a meadow where I live. luckily my friends don’t live too far from my home, so the location was easy to travel to. the second location was one of my friends home as with the layout, it was easier to walk around and take certain shots compared to my home.

this image on the right is one of the images taken DSCF2474.JPGoutside. this is to represent how certain people are viewed as they are not classed as the norm in society. the model in the foreground represent the people in society who feel they do not fit in and look obvious. this is represented with the animal ears the model is wearing, as they show the physical difference of society. the model in front of them represents the norm in society, who are afraid of difference and want everyone to be the same. hence why the model looks surprised to see the subject with the animal ears as they have their hands up in shock and looks as if they are stepping away, unsure what to do in the presence of the other person. however, I feel that I could have taken the image better. for example, I could have taken the shot further back so that the model with the ears would be in more of the shot to distinguish that the model looks human ( i.e. have the models head more in view) but by doing that, I feel that the shocked subject might not fit into the frame as much. since the subject in the foreground would fill most of the frame, I might not be able to capture the emotion the subject in the background would have. I also feel that the subject facing towards the camera could have had more of  negative response to the other subject, so for next time I would need to ask for a more negative response.

i have also planned for more final image ideas this week. for this idea, I am planning to have a person trapped within the mirror. this would be the person who doesn’t fit into society, they would feel trapped and could not get out. for this I would need a mirror to shoot, which would be quickly accessible.


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