11 May

this week, I have finished editing some of my images and have reviewed. most of them were test shots to see how well I could show negative emotion within an image. This was for the outdoor shoot where the camera was situated behind the model with the animal ears. For this, had made the image black and white and cDSCF2476.jpgorrected the brightness and contrast to what I wanted. which would be to have as much detail as possible on the models in the image. I had then, in photoshop, added another layer to have the background darker then the models themselves. this is to make the models stand out and the viewer focus on them instead of the background as that has a bit of detail the two images show the DSCF2476.jpgdifference between the original black and white image and the image with the color layer. the difference is subtle as I didn’t want the background to be significantly darker so that it wouldn’t be the first thing to notice as well as making the models look as if they were placed into the image through editing. so I lowered the opacity so it wouldn’t be as noticeable within the image. as you can see, the model pops out of the image on the bottom image due to darkening the background. I had done this because I wanted to viewer to focus on the models reaction to the other, showing a negative emotion.

I had also drawn up ideas on my other final images. which would be shooting a model where they look sad. for this I want to have the camera zoomed into their face to have the image be on a personal level. meaning that I would have to zoom rather close to shoot their expression, in which I would need a tripod to keep the camera steady so their wouldn’t be any motion blur. however, when zooming into what I want to take a picture of, it sometimes blurs what the lens picks up, meaning that if zooming does not work them I would have to place the camera closer to the model them I would normally would to get the shot I want.



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