London Trip

We went to London on monday. I managed to take a few photographs on the trip. We visited the Tate gallery, which I didn’t really enjoy much. That might be because I don’t like modern art much, as I prefer the older works of art that show they have meaning, that was in the national portrait gallery, which I enjoyed. Compared to the modern art that you would have to think about what it means, or simply ambiguous. It would also be that I believe art should be special and not something anyone can simply do as well as having a gift for it. I took a few photos of the portraits that were displayed.

Other then visiting the galleries, I went around a bit of London, taking a few photographs along the way. I thought about constructivists and minimalists and how that is presented throughout London. Which is mostly through buildings and bridges. I decided to shoot a little differently, take different angle shots instead of face on. I had to adjust the aperture on my camera a few times as the galleries were fairly dark and the photos ended up being underexposed so much nothing was shown, or outside where they were overexposed that what I wanted to shoot was barely visible.


The London Eye from below