29th September

dscf0843We focused more on Depth of field this week as well as using angles and rule of thirds. I managed to get the grips of depth of field, I realized that I needed to be closer to the object and to use the focal length to get the object into focus (shown in the photo above). By doing this, I managed to have perfect photos. But despite this, some outside photos are darker because of the aperture I forgot to change. dscf0850

This is a result of not changing the aperture, showing that the camera focused on the ground instead of the bike tire.

Trying to find different angles to shoot was difficult as I kept on seeing lines, either from shadows or the building itself. But I did find some. Such as the bike tire and the yellow circle and the red no entry sign, which also shows depth of field as it was shot through the glass. I think this is one of my best photos I’ve done for depth of field.DSCF0830.JPG

Rule of thirds is still something I have trouble with, I’m not sure what to take photos of for it. I might also be that I’m not sure how some objects can fit onto the guidelines. I might need to practice with this more to get the hang of it.



We also used the studio to get the grips of the Rembrandt lighting technique. I found it hard to position the light just right to have the perfect triangle of light under the eye. A few attempts the triangle of light was longer then the nose, so I had to adjust the light more.

This week, I used the darkroom for the first time. We did key hole photography, where you used either a can or a box that needs to be completely dark inside apart from a small hole for the light to go through. The first attempt, it turned out a little dark. Meaning that I need to wait for a shorter amount of time before developing the picture. Which I did for the second attempt, which turned out too light. Unfortunately, the next pictures, nothing showed up, meaning that I either left it too long or I placed the paper in the wrong way. Afterwards, I done the positive of the key hole pictures, which is where you place the negative on top of a clean sheet and shine light onto it. Turning the white to black and vise versa. I also done the photograms that I missed in the first week, which was placing objects onto the sheet and shining light onto it before developing.